I got in touch with house music for the first time in 1991 (VPRO Radio). Later on I got addicted of this music which was played every Saturday night at radio station "For those who like to Groove" which was presented by Robin Albers. Ever since, the house virus has not disappeared.

Soon I started to buy vinyl at the local shop in Enschede called "Plato". I mixed these records at home and created tapes which I gave to friends. In these days Dj Nickey was "born". My friends were enthousiastic about these tapes that they sent my work to Night of the Hools, a local organisation which organised house parties. In May 1995 a DJ contest was organised in a dicso called 'T Circus. I won this contest and I got a Dj contract with Night of the Hools.

In the period from 1995 to 2001 I played on a number of Night of the Hools parties. I also played in underground clubs like Weekend's and The fabriek. During this period I travelled a lot to Amsterdam were I bought my records at Attalos, a shop were Buzz Fuzz and Pavo worked. When Pavo started working in Haarlem at Key Records I went there to buy the latest vinyl.

During 2001-2005 Dj Nickey had a "break" because the house music was not that good. However in 2005 he played again on a Night of the Hools party in Chill out in Enschede. After that he played several times on the Superbash parties. Nowaydays Dj Nickey is mainly playing Hardstyle and oldschool/early hardcore.